Thermal Inspection Subsurface Waterleaks

Water suppliers across England and Wales have seen enormous increases in the amount of water leakage across their networks in recent years.


In 2013, an average of 3,113 megalitres of water per day was estimated to have been lost (that is over a trillion litres per year). Dronetec UK have successfully completed projects undertaking subsurface water leak surveys using the very latest in UAV technology: mounted thermal imaging cameras.

On cold mornings (0C-2C) any escaped water (10C-12C) is clearly visible on a thermal image allowing our skilled pilots to quickly identify subsurface water leaks.


There are many benefits of using a UAV mounted thermal imaging camera. The technology allows surveys of large areas in a comparatively short space of time and in areas traditionally considered inaccessible (such as rural farmland). The same UAV mounted thermal imaging technology can also be used to detect subsurface steam leaks from district heating networks.

At Dronetec, our range of drones are at the technological cutting edge. Our models have some of the longest flight times possible in the industry (up to 30 minutes). Our pilots will come prepared with multiple battery packs ready for hours of filming if necessary. That is plenty of time to cover even large areas quickly from a range of heights and angles.

Drone photography is an incredibly cost-effective, ergonomic way of capturing these types of beautiful image. It is considerably easier, cheaper and safer than trying to hire a helicopter or plane, especially in and around urban environments.