Solar Panel Inspections

Solar technology can be extremely complex to inspect and maintain, and so requires great care and attention. Drones are the perfect way to do it.


When the cathodic mesh in a solar panel becomes defective, the resulting short circuit forms a thermal anomaly (visible on the outer layer) that can be detected by thermal imaging cameras. Dronetec UK operate a fleet of drones utilizing the very latest advancements in the field: one such feature is a UAV mounted thermal imaging camera. This has the potential to survey large solar farms far more quickly and efficiently than traditional methods, redefining what's achievable in relatively short windows of time and without any of the costs associated with manned access or invasive inspections.


Moreover, when thermal imaging surveys are undertaken on a regular basis as part of a Preventative Planned Maintenance (PPM) scheme, minor faults can be spotted early enough to minimize the downtime of the system and before the defects deteriorate to more a serious condition.

This massively increases business efficiency reducing both potential loss of income and the cost of remediation.