Land Surveys

Dronetec UK delivers aerial mapping and land surveys, providing highly accurate topographic data as well as high-resolution aerial photography.


We provide a comprehensive range of visual information and topographic data critically important for improving decision making in any project, whilst simultaneously reducing costs, saving time and improving safety. Leveraging the latest technology also boosts efficiency enormously as large areas can be surveyed up to 50 times faster than traditional methods.

Drones minimise the need for ground access, vastly improving the safety profile of any project. They're particularly useful for conducting topographic surveys, analysing an area for flood risk, or undertaking quarry and landfill surveys.

Sea Life Centre

Depending on the scope of the project, Dronetec UK can deliver geo-referenced orthophotos, topographical heightmaps or build a full 3D model of the site.

At Dronetec our range of drones are at the technological cutting edge. Our models have some of the longest flight times possible in the industry (up to 30 minutes). Our pilots will come prepared with multiple battery packs ready for hours of filming if necessary. That is plenty of time to cover even large areas quickly from a range of heights and angles.

Drone photography is an incredibly cost-effective, ergonomic way of capturing these types of beautiful images. It is considerably easier, cheaper and safer than trying to hire an helicopter or plane, especially in and around urban environments.