3D Modelling & Point Cloud

Constructing detailed 3D models has never been easier. Drones are the perfect technology for this kind of project.

At Dronetec UK our top of the line UAVs are able to capture hundreds of high quality images in a matter of minutes. Drones are highly maneuverable so can capture the tricky to obtain oblique shots of building facades necessary for this type of model construction. Once all necessary images are captured, advanced modelling software is able to create complex, highly accurate 3D models by processing all the images into a 3D point cloud.

Drones are able to capture the imagery necessary to construct such models at speed and at a significantly reduced cost than alternative methods.

This 3D model will be highly accurate and incredibly useful to the progress of any project. Throughout the building, engineering and construction industries, modelling is rapidly becoming an essential part of the process.