Volumetric Analysis

Drones are fast becoming the industry standard for conducting volumetric analysis.

To calculate stockpile volume our UAVs fly over the target area capturing images from dozens of different angles and heights. Then a computer processes these images into a 3D point cloud (LAS file). After which, a highly accurate volumetric measurement is calculated.

Traditional surveying methods are thought of as an interesting alternative by some for small surfaces. However, drone inspections are widely considered much more efficient for surfaces above several hectares, without sacrificing any accuracy of results.

Another benefit of using drones for volumetric analysis is the potential of producing a geo-referenced, highly detailed orthophoto; a valuable piece of data in any project. Drone technology allows this kind of analysis to be undertaken extremely quickly.

Traditionally, surveying 1km would take 3 people a whole day. Dronetec UK can conduct a survey of the same sized area within only 4 hours, using just 1 person and a drone. The technology is also highly flexible, allowing a range of potential outputs: HD Topographic Maps, georeferenced 3D Models (CAD compatible), or contour lines (Autocad DWG, ArcGIS SHP).