Client & Public Safety

Safety is our number one priority. That extends to our clients, members of the public, and our pilots on the ground.

All of our employees work to a strict code of conduct. Here at Dronetec UK we are committed to delivering an impeccably high standard of service whilst ensuring that, at all times, we are operating in a completely safe and responsible manner.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Hierarchy of Control Measures, the use of UAVs avoids many instances of working at height and its attendant risk. It is the safest method of delivering high-level roof and building surveys and it can yield significant savings when compared to traditional methods of working and access such as scaffolding.

Our highly skilled drone pilots are trained to the highest industry standards and are familiar with a broad range of health and safety procedures and best practices. Dronetec UK hold full Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Permission for Commercial Operations, and ensure we use only market leading technology.

By keeping our staff fully trained and our equipment top of the line, we ensure we are able to undertake cutting-edge survey and inspection services across the UK.