Aerial photography.

News & Media

You may have noticed recently an uptake of aerial shots in YouTube videos, on the news and in other sorts of media. That is because you do not need to hire a helicopter or plane for stunning aerial imagery any more. Dronetec UK can help you see your story in a whole new light.

Aerial photography.

Drones have unique maneuvering capabilities and are much more efficient than traditional methods of aerial filming. A helicopter lacks the flexibility to move around difficult to access areas, captures jerkier footage, and is much more expensive.

Cranes are enormous, slow to set up and massively disruptive to surrounding events.

At Dronetec UK we have got a full range of the latest DJI Phantom drone technology offering unparalleled, ultra HD, 4K footage. Our pilots are fully trained, highly skilled and Civil Aviation Authority approved.

We adhere to the highest safety standards and always come fully prepared with extra battery packs (meaning a maximum flight time of approximately 4 hours). Drones can capture footage from a wide range of heights and angles meaning the potential to capture completely unique footage.

Once we have captured all the footage or photography necessary, our team here will handle the post-production work for you, ensuring only the best quality photos and video are passed on to you.