Aerial photography

Aerial Video and Photography for Corporate Clients

Dronetec UK provide a full range of aerial video and photography services for clients within the Yorkshire and Humberside area. Previously, these kind of images were only available hiring a helicopter or an aeroplane. Now, you can leverage the latest technology to provide stunning visual content.

Video content is one of the key trends for marketers in 2018. It is consistently topping the charts in terms of social shares, user interaction and enjoyment. At Dronetec UK our top of the line drones capture film in full, ultra HD 4K. A skilled, fully Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) certified pilot can capture a unique view of your venue or location.

Once we have captured all the footage or photography necessary, our team here will handle all the post-production work for you, ensuring only the highest quality photos and video are passed on to you. So, from setup, flying the drone and capturing the footage, to a finished, professional standard film is both speedy and cost effective.

created by dji camera

At Dronetec UK our models have some of the longest flight times possible in the industry (up to 30 minutes). Our pilots will come prepared with multiple battery packs ready for hours of filming if necessary. It is considerably easier, cheaper and safer than trying to hire a helicopter or plane, especially in and around urban environments.