Lighting Towers, Masts & Pylon Inspection

Large vertical structures are often complicated, difficult to access and pose many safety issues for those working at height.

Dronetec UK overcomes these problems by utilising top of the line UAV equipment. Our drones have the ability to be 100 metres in the air within 30 seconds of take-off.


High quality imagery (captured with 24MP cameras for lossless zoom) is gathered, allowing analysis of the mast structure along with bracketry, fixings, lighting units, antenna, radio equipment and cables installed to the vertical structure.

Drones allow for incredibly detailed analysis safely and effectively, capturing hundreds of images in just minutes.

Dronetec UK is also capable of utilising thermography of the in-use lighting units, uncovering any potential electrical faults that could otherwise lead to failure of vital electrical components.


Thermography of electricity pylons reveals defects within the cables and the isolators, allowing for PPM (Preventative Planned Maintenance) of equipment before failure. This is a massive boost to business efficiency, vastly reducing the overall downtime of the assets.