Steelwork Inspection

Dronetec UK can conduct thorough inspection of high-level steelwork quickly, safely and efficiently, capturing images in ultra HD with DSLR cameras mounted on our state of the art drones.

Traditional methods of inspection mean huge amounts of disruption, potential asset shutdown and significant safety risks.

Using the latest in drone technology we ensure there is only minimal disruption to the site and no requirement to shut down assets while the inspection is underway. Dronetec UK is able to photograph and analyse from a unique aerial viewpoint and so can locate issues that would otherwise be impossible to identify.

The large format imagery that we provide to our clients gives unrivalled levels of detail (a single image can be zoomed in to view the condition of an M16 bolt at 15 metres away).

This allows us to capture the required survey imagery with as few photographs as possible. We optimize speed of analysis without compromising on quality of the survey.