Pipeline Inspections

Pipelines are incredibly complex pieces of infrastructure which can cover thousands of miles. Dronetec UK offers comprehensive pipeline inspections utilizing the latest technology to overcome industry obstacles.

Dronetec UK conducts visual inspections of difficult to access pipelines, allowing for full coverage of large spans of horizontal and vertical pipework, along with a complete analysis of supporting structure & bracketry. Utilizing the latest technology removes any requirement for expensive scaffolding access, as well as vastly improving the safety profile of any inspection.

As there are often large runs of pipelines, locating a fault from a series of photographs can be both difficult and extremely time consuming using traditional methods.


With each inspection by Dronetec UK, Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) and height data are captured for every photograph.

Looking at both data points simultaneously allows for fast and efficient pinpointing of faults, regardless of how technical and complex the pipeline is.