Bridge Inspections

Bridges form a critical part of our nation's infrastructure, but obtaining accurate condition information about these structures can be highly problematic using traditional methods of working.

Not only is gaining access often extremely difficult and time consuming, but bridges often span many hazardous environments (such as rivers, roads and railways).

Drones bypass the need for disruption to the public and eliminate many of the safety risks so ubiquitous with traditional methods.

Dronetec UK offer market leading bridge inspections with our skilled pilots utilizing the very latest in UAV technology. Photographic condition information can be rapidly obtained for all elements of bridges masonry and steelwork, with our drones capturing thousands of ultra HD, 4K images in just a few hours.

Uniquely, Dronetec UK have UAV equipment that not only allows for the accurate capture of bridges external elevations, but also offers a 3-axis 360° camera positioning system to allow for inspection of arch soffits; a comprehensive look offering unparalleled levels of detail.